Inspection included with cleaning. Most people get their chimney cleaned regularly to prevent home fires. Over 35 years experience with chimney cleaning. Former Shreveport firefighter.

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Cleanings are recommended for dryers that vent into an inside wall and up thru the attic. These vents should be cleaned every year. The Port Sweeper has 32 years experience with dryer vents and industrial fire and safety.

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  • Prevent Chimney Fires with Annual Cleanings

    Fireplace and wood stoves are designed to safely contain wood-fuel fires, while providing heat for a home. The chimneys that serve them have the job of removing the byproducts of combustion; the substance produced when wood burns. These include...

  • Understand Dryer Vent Hazards

    Dryer vent exhaust fires now surpass creosote (chimney) fires in frequency on a national level. The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that, on average, over 16,000 dryer fires killing 20 people, injuring 370 more and causing over $97 million in property damage occur every year. According to the CPSC...